Streak Visual Ammunition lets you see your bullet in flight.

Streak Visual Ammunition

When shooting a paper target at distance with a streak visual ammunition, it can be difficult to tell whether or not your rounds hit without walking downrange to confirm. This problem is exacerbated in diminished light. Of course, flashlights can assist in illuminating the target before firing and examining the target afterword, but wouldn’t it be awesome to see the path of a bullet as it travels toward the target? Now, thanks to Streak Visual Ammunition, you can do just that without the dangers of using incendiary tracers.

With Streak, a luminescent dot applied to the bullet’s base is illuminated by powder flash when fired. The result is a red streak that’s visible to anyone within 30-­degrees of the shooter’s point of view. Not only is it fun, this ammunition can be beneficial from a training standpoint. Receiving immediate visual feedback as to where your round impacted the target (or where it missed) helps us to make necessary adjustments to our grip, aim, and trigger press to rectify the problem and save time walking past the firing line. It could also save the day in a deadly force encounter. For instance, if you saw where the first round missed, you could compensate by putting subsequent rounds on target to stop the threat.

Streak Visual Ammunition

Unlike an incendiary tracer projectile, nothing but the powder burns with Streak. Flash activated paint is on the base of the bullet.

The important detail to remember is that Streak ammunition is non-­incendiary. It produces no heat, which makes them safe for indoor ranges and places where tracers would constitute a fire hazard. Unlike tracer rounds, Streak Visual jacketed-hollowpoint (JHP) projectiles paint a one-­way path to help keep a threat from pinpointing your location in darkness. Initially, when shooting Streak Visual Ammunition, I saw little more than my pistol sights and the flash of the muzzle. I was so focused on the sights that I couldn’t see the red streak illuminating the bullet’s path. When I focused more on the target and a little less on the sights, I instantly saw the path of each bullet fired and watched them impact the target.

Streak Visual Ammunition is available in calibers ranging from .380 ACP to .45 Colt. Currently, the cost ranges between $13 and $26 for a box of 20 rounds. A 200-­round box of “total metal” 9mm with 124-­grain projectiles sells for about $115. The economically priced total-­metal rounds are ideal for training, while the jacketed hollow-­point rounds are the intended for personal defense. Visit Ammo Incorportated for more information.