FMJBT 20 Rounds of .223 Ammo by PMC – 55gr



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PMC – 55gr FMJBT Bronze ammunition has earned a strong reputation for clean, accurate shooting at a great price. This .223 Remington ammo comes in boxes of 20. It uses 55 grain boat-tailed full metal jacket bullets that achieve a muzzle velocity of about 3,195 feet per second. The casings are new brass with Boxer primers, suitable for reloading. This ammo is suitable for use in AR-15s or any firearm chambered in .223 Remington or 5.56 NATO.

More Information About PMC – 55gr FMJBT

The Poongsan Corporation offers its ammo in the United States under the Precision Made Cartridge (PMC) brand. The company is one of the top suppliers for the South Korean military and possesses extensive experience in making a variety of munitions from small arms ammo to artillery shells. Thanks to its vertically integrated supply chain, rigorous quality control process, and large production capacity, the company produces millions of rounds every year for the US market while maintaining excellent price and quality characteristics


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